Printable Hebrew Calendar


According to Jewish tradition, a person’s Hebrew birthday plays an important part in his life. The Torah portion that a Bar/Bat Mitzva boy or girl chants depends on the portion chanted during the week that they were born. Jewish astrology and Kabbalah study place great emphasis on a Jewish person’s Hebrew birthday. Some Jewish sages teach that a person has special abilities to bless himself and others on his Hebrew birthday. A person who knows his Gregorian birthday can use a computerized birthday calendar to access his exact Hebrew birthday date.

Although the Chinese New Year is synonymous with Lunar New Year, other cultures mark the beginning of the year at this time as well. Vietnamese, Korean and other Asian cultures traditionally follow the lunisolar calendar and the Hebrew and Hindu traditional calendars are also based on moon cycles. Of these, the Islamic version is the only purely lunar calendar, having exactly 12 lunar months.

Printable Hebrew Calendar – Here we are going to share many kinds of calendar in 2016 Days images, wallpapers, printable, blank calendars etc. As you know that time and year is coming very fast and this website will share any calendar images and pictures sample first month in this year. You can share latest collection calendar image and picture with your family and friends that need schedule planner in 2016. You can download in Computer and Smartphone with free and we hope many people can get benefit of this calendar images and pictures that we share.


Printable Hebrew Calendar #730

Printable Hebrew Calendar

Printable Jewish Hebrew Calendar #731

Printable Jewish Hebrew Calendar

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